I started my career writing radio commercials. In three years' time I'd written 10,000 of them. Given that workload and the fact that I was new to advertising, I didn't have time to ask the questions that were formulating in my mind. When I'd see a copy request my most common question was "What are they thinking!?!" followed by "Doesn't anyone know what a marketing plan is?" and finally "Why is the forest/trees syndrome so pervasive in small business?"


The answer is simple. It's impossible to have an objective external view from the inside. That's why it's good practice to bring in an insightful outsider. You may also want to consult an insider expert as well, but they are generally geared more toward process and procedure than market positioning and building customer relationships.



A summary consult takes two to four weeks to complete and results in a comprehensive overview of your industry, your market, and your business. (This time frame does not represent total hours spent on the project; the deadline is extended to allow time for interviews and directed research as the need becomes apparent).

We will identify marketing strategies, lay out a basic marketing plan, and discuss other opportunties and areas for exploration that are uncovered in the process. In the most basic terms, the report will cover:

1. Where you're at now (from an outside perspective)

2. Where you could be and what to aim for

3. How to get there


The cost is $1500. That's about the cost of hiring a full-time employee for one month at $9/hour.


Website - I can build a website for your business


Social Media - I can help you create a social media presence and persona for your company


Email - Email campaigns are effective and a great way to cultivate repeat orders from existing customers


Press Releases - I know what editors want to see and know the benefits of using PR services


Magazine Articles - Plenty of publications are hungry for content, and providing an interesting story about your industry or market is a great way to gain exposure and credibility.